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Team spirit

Team is more than a staff meeting

Communication is the fuel for success. Team spirit evolves when the dialogue between presumably irreconcilable visions finishes up with the exploration of an excellent solution. A solution, no one ever would have found alone by pondering in isolation. Team spirit means that the gentle art of listening attentively of one person is considered as valuable as the ardent and enthusiastic speech of another. Team spirit means that in-depth arguments are considered as reasonable as approaches founded on personal heuristics or mere intuition. 

exscitron inspires - how we build and go on fostering our team spirit:

  • A team of developers regularly enters uncharted territories. As we are strongly committed to prevent lapses, we count on our performant equipment as well as on the knowledge and reliability of our colleagues.
  • To most of our customers time to market is a very prominent key performance indicator. In order to keep fast pace and to ensure accuracy in our work even when we are pressed for time, we rely on the valuable advices of our experienced colleagues to follow the best proceedings.
  • Our core competence is the development of customized switched-mode power supplies suitable for serial large scale production. In order to save time and to prevent potential lapses we are in constant communication with the development and engineering departments of our mother company inpotron Schaltnetzteil GmbH situated in Hilzingen on Lake Constance where our switched-mode devices are being manufactured.
  • We consider our customers to be partners. They tell us about the requirements of their markets and about the future of innovative luminaires. Whereas our role in this partnership consists in giving them unbiased advice about switched-mode power supplies and how they have to be designed in order to comply with highest standards concerning durability, energy-efficiency and robustness.
  • We cultivate and promote close R&D collaborations with research centers, universities and high-tech companies as we are convinced that there is no other way to keep pace with the tremendous technological and scientific evolution taking place in the lighting sector. Our aim is to contribute to a fruitful knowledge transfer between research, development and manufacturing partners.
  • Instead of publishing job offers we invite you to tell us what your are passionate about. Describe what will happen to our team when you join us.