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Transferring knowledge to develop the lighting for tomorrow

In one particular industry a visionary technological revolution has taken place in the past few years: The lighting industry has sustainably walked away from the light bulb and embraced the innovative LED technology at a rapid pace. In the same time LED technology gave birth to new scientific fields and branches of research. Nowadays, by means of extremely flexible and controllable LED luminaires, plant biologists, occupational health and sleep researchers dispose of the necessary research tools to revise traditional paradigms and impact models of their discipline.

A couple of years ago vertical inhouse farming abstaining completely from sunlight was considered extremely inefficient and cost-intensive. Advanced on-site power generation facilities, as well as improved energy efficiency of LED and the discovery of increased growth and germination success in plants stimulated by variation in the spectral composition of light created a change in mindset. The flexible and forward-looking developments of those who convert mains current into device current have contributed to this trend: The designers of switched-mode power supplies. 

The example shows that scientific research and advances in manufacturing and development often are interdependent. exscitron cultivates and promotes close R&D collaborations with research centers, universities and high-tech companies as we are convinced that there is no other way to keep pace with the tremendous technological and scientific evolution taking place in the lighting sector. Our aim is to contribute to a fruitful knowledge transfer between research, development and manufacturing partners.

We are looking forward to your proposal for concrete R&D projects!