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Public transport

Modern lighting management for public transport infrastructure

In 2016, approximately 10.2 million passengers used public transport in Germany. Renewing and preserving the infrastructure for buses and trains is a huge logistical and economic challenge for almost every German municipality. E.g., the Hamburg Transportation Association (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund) maintains a considerable number of 10,000 stops.

When it comes to lighting systems in public transport, it is not only important to optimize energy efficiency and maintenance intensity but also to offer its users an added emotional benefit and comfort through the use of light in the context of upcoming modernizations of the fleet and the stops. In the vehicles and along the train and bus lines, a bright, precisely set light creates a positive image for passengers and conveys them a sense of safety and familiarity. Light scenarios, that passengers can freely select and that bathe their seats in a spirits-lifting light increasing concentration or simply providing for relaxation, are no big technical challenge anymore.

exscitron not only works closely with suppliers of the municipalities and public institution of public transport but also with leading railway companies throughout Europe. We not only support you by developing robust, efficient switched-mode power supplies for outdoor use, for the use in vehicles and in commercial buildings but also in fulfilling decisive procurement directives and procedures of public tenders that you apply for.