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Trade fairs & outdoor advertisement

Undivided attention at trade fairs and in outdoor advertisement

Without its spectacular lighting effects, Time Square in New York would not be what it is. How do exhibitors draw a sought-after target audience to their particular trade fair booth? As much as media playback on screens has been revolutionized, today’s modern illuminated advertisement does not have much in common with the good old-fashioned neon advertisement.

Using the same amount of energy as in former times, you can now unleash multiple luminosity. However, fireworks of changing colors and light intensity need to be perfectly controlled.

With their highly precise, powerful and durable switched-mode power supplies, exscitron enables the lighting industry to draw on abundant resources and to stage breathtaking spectacles of light.

exscitron develops shock-, vibration- and weather-resistant switched-mode power supplies for a durable, space-saving installation in trade fair and outdoor advertisement systems. They are virtually maintenance-free while assuring long-term reliable operations, including in hard-to-reach positions.