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Street lighting

Low-maintenance, energy-efficient street lighting requires state-of-the-art switched-mode power supplies

City lights. They create an urban environment, always pulsating with life while offering people clear orientation on even the remotest walkways. These thousands of lights provide a tough test for more and more municipal treasurers because of higher energy requirements and rising maintenance costs.

The LED technology has also proven itself as a “game changer”, as a disruptive innovation that indicates a paradigm shift. Today, modern streetlights can provide safe light while utilizing less material and energy than in the past. Thanks to wider maintenance intervals and a reduced need for maintenance, modern lighting systems are a long-term cost-saving model in two ways.

exscitron sees itself as a quality partner for the development of innovative, sustainable street lighting solutions. A key element for efficient street lighting is the power supply - an area where exscitron has gained considerable experience. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will work towards a solution and support its implementation!