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Plant lighting

Intelligent light control stimulates plant growth.

LED technology opens up entirely new possibilities in the exposure of plants, e.g. in greenhouses, in the in vitro cultivation or the greening of interiors.

Based on new scientific evidence, we have experienced an unprecedented boom over the past few years to optimize in-house plant production through an intelligent, spectrally differentiated light control. According to the first growth and harvest reports, artificially staged light impulses and light color spectra not only contribute to significant increases in earnings. They also result in enormous increases in cost and energy efficiency. Thus, artificial light becomes a controllable growth factor of the in-house plant production.

Switched-mode power supplies in plant lighting systems represent a key element for the efficiency of the entire energy management. If you would like us to be part of your visions and project ideas in the field of plant lighting, we would be delighted to share our experiences in the field of self-developed switched-mode power supplies with you.