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Offshore / Maritime

On the high seas, there is no safety without a reliable luminous flux.

Working on drilling rigs is tough because nowhere else do the elements of nature work as much against technology as they do on the high seas. Saltwater accelerates corrosion of housings that have to protect sensitive electronic switching devices against wind and wave power. At the same time, they have to ensure that no unintentional ignition spark escapes outside.

An adequately bright, powerful and functional lighting is indispensable on drilling rigs because check and maintenance routines take place around the clock, just like docking and undocking processes as well as assembly work executed with the highest precision.

Switched-mode power supplies must be built to work perfectly even under severe weather conditions, during heavy seas and in highly explosive environments. They need to operate in locations that are difficult to access and must be low maintenance without posing a hazard. exscitron develops specific solutions with providers of lighting concepts in the offshore/maritime area.