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Explosion protection

exscitron eliminates lighting as a potential hazard.

Even a small spark can cause gas-air mixtures or finely divided powders of the ambient air to explode. While in the past explosion protection was something that primarily had to be considered in mines, it now has become an explosion protection standard. There is hardly any industry that is exempt from the high statutory security standards required to eliminate explosion risks already in advance. From wholesalers to chemical and cement plants.

The transformation of mains current to device current, which was custom-made for a specific lamp, should not cause any sparks. To ensure this, particularly elaborate security precautions in the electronic layout and the enclosure of switched-mode power supplies are required.

exscitron develops specific switched-mode power supplies for highly critical environments. If you, as an organization, have to face explosion prevention of lighting systems or other electronic systems, we invite you to talk to us.