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exscitron’s results are being manufactured by inpotron

The lighting industry with its extremely short innovation cycles is one of exscitron‘s core markets. exscitron‘s main focus lies on the development of complex and highly specialized switched-mode power supplies as well as of their hardware and software components. 

In Chemnitz where exscitron‘s headquarter is located any kind of R&D project proposals concerning innovative customized switched-mode power supplies are collected, discussed and first stage prototypes are developed. The serial large scale production of the switched-mode devices is manufactured by exscitron‘s mother company inpotron Schaltnetzteil GmbH situated in Hilzingen on Lake Constance. The close interlock between a dynamic and pure R&D company like exscitron and a performant manufacturing company such as inpotron Schaltnetzteile GmbH are the key to sustained economic success combining the best of both worlds.

To most of our customers time to market is crucial to success. Over 10 years exscitron gained considerable experience how to reduce time and effort from first stage prototyping to market release of the serial product. Due to its corporate R&D philosophy focused on prototypes suitable for efficient and lean serial production exscitron offers an added value to all of its clients.

Being one of the leading european manufacturing companies of switched-mode power supplies inpotron Schaltnetzteil GmbH guarantees the compliance with the highest manufacturing standards from small-scale to large-scale production and that they are being managed after the principles of continuous improvement.